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 Professional, Secure, Reliable and Confidential

Help the world understand your research!

   Ejear- An academic editing platform for medical research

• Selected senior editors with an avg. 20 years of editing experience

• Improve your hit rate in high-impact journals

• Reduce repetition rate with our Plagiarism Checking service 

• Achieve efficiency and professionalism in preparing your text for publication


Our services

English Language Editing

Academic Translation

Manuscript Formatting

Figure Preparation

Plagiarism Check

Our team

We have a team of highly educated editors with clinical and molecular expertise across a broad range of medical disciplines. Rest assured that each of our editors possesses not only expertise in English but also fluency in the linguistic conventions of your field. 

Current areas of our editors expertise include, but not limited to: 

•  Neuroscience 

•  Cardiovascular medicine

•  Cell Biology

•  Molecular Biology & Genetics

•  Obstetrics & Gynecology

•  Gynecological Oncology

•  Anesthesia

•  Emergency medicine

Our guarantee


Your manuscript is edited in strict accordance with international publishing industry standards.

If your manuscript is rejected due to language problems, all fees are refunded.



You are provided expert customer service within 24 hours.

Your manuscript will be efficiently and effectively processed so that you are guaranteed timely submission with quality.



Our employees receive supervision in professional ethics.

From the personnel to the website background information service, the entire process has encryption protection.