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The editorial team members at Ejear respect the need to maintain confidentiality of your research.  We are dedicated to preserving all of your research data without divulging any personal data. 

The following measures are employed in order to guarantee that documents submitted to Ejear are maintained securely and confidentially.

Measures to prevent information disclosure

  • Ejear’s editors and team members sign legally binding confidentiality agreements so that all client personal information as well as research data is kept confidential.

  • The manuscript that you provide to Ejear is accessible only by the operations team and the specific editors assigned to your research.

  • On request, each member of Ejear’s editorial team signs a non-disclosure agreement.

  • All tools that we use, including but not limited to Google, email, and Microsoft Word, are safe and secure.

  • We delete your document within 30 days of completion.

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