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Frequently Asked Questions

Those below answers are our most frequently asked questions. For all other queries, please refer to our contact page with details of how to get in touch with us.

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Who are your editors?

Our editors are native English speaking PhDs, academics, and scientists from highly rated research universities.

I have made some changes to my paper after you edited it. Is the quality guarantee still valid?

If you make minor changes, you can email the questions to us at services@ejear.cn. Once we receive your questions, we provide you with the deadline for the editor's response.

If you need to add new content or to rewrite sections, we strongly recommend that you opt for re-editing support.

What file types do you accept for English editing?

At present, we accept DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word) formats. English editing in MS Word is performed using Word's Track Changes feature.

What are the different styles that you use in English editing?

Both American English and British English are used. You can specify your preferred language style.

Do you edit LaTeX documents?

If you created your manuscript in LaTeX, please save it as a doc or docx before you submit it for editing. We will also need a PDF of your manuscript as a secondary file for your editor's reference.

What is your guarantee?

We are not able to guarantee that your manuscript will be published after you use our services. However, we do guarantee that your manuscript will be re-edited without additional charge if the journal rejects it for reasons of English language alone.

What language pairs are offered for Translation?

We offer translation services from Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese into English.

What is your guarantee?

We are not able to guarantee that your manuscript will be published after you use our services. We do guarantee that your manuscript will be re-edited without additional charge if it is rejected by the journal for reasons of English language alone.

What does Manuscript Formatting include?

Our editors check each manuscript and adjust citations, references, and layout of the document based on the journal’s style guide.

All figures and tables are accurately positioned within the manuscript.  Moreover, figure titles and legends are standardized according to the journal's requirements.

What if my references are in the wrong order?

We reorder the references according to the citations in the text.

My citations use numbers (e.g., [1]), but the journal's citations use author names (e.g., (Author, 2018)). Will you repair this?

Yes. Manuscript formatting reorders citations and references as needed, converts citations and references to the journal's format, and, if necessary, corrects content based on information in published databases.

Can you format equations in my manuscript?

No, we cannot format equations.

How can I edit my figures after they have undergone figure formatting?

Open and make changes to your figures using appropriate software within their new file type.  Therefore, you should submit the final version of your figures to us for formatting. Ejear will assist in making the necessary adjustments.

What file types do you accept for figure formatting?

DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word)

PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)

AI (Adobe Illustrator)

PS (Adobe Photograph)

What does Figure Preparation include?

Figure Preparation services provide you with publication-ready figure files by setting the correct size, resolution, and layout to meet journal requirements.

What file types do you accept?

Microsoft Word


How is my document reviewed in Plagiarism Check?

We conduct a thorough review for plagiarism in your manuscript by using iThenticate, a software program widely used in the academic community.

What kind of comments can I expect from Ejear’s experts?

An editor will assess the iThenticate report, comment on the level of plagiarism, and highlight the sections that require rephrasing so that you avoid rejection from any journal for quality control.

Do you help rewrite and paraphrase plagiarized text and sentences?

Ejear does not offer rewriting or paraphrasing for plagiarized text or sentences.

What’s the Payment method?

At present, we just accept bank transfer. You can make payments directly into our bank account and email the bank wire transfer receipt to us.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do. Typically, we usually offer discounts on orders of large volume. 

What information will appear on my invoice?

In addition to the services purchased, your invoice will contain the billing address you enter when you submit your order, the order date, your manuscript name, and receipt code. Our support team can customize your invoice for you if you need to add any additional information.

Do you provide invoices in my local currency?

Invoices display the final price in USD by default, but our support team can update your invoice with any currency you prefer.

Which currencies do you accept?

Chinese Renminbi

U.S. Dollar

Can I get an English editing certificate?

Yes, download sample file: English editing certificate.