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Editing Certificate

You will get a free English editing certificate whether you select the standard editing service or the premium editing service. After we edit your files, we will issue you an editing certificate for FREE; you will find an English editing certificate was ready for you at the delivery time. 

The title of your paper, a list of authors, the date the certificate was issued, and a special certificate number are all included in your editing certificate. An example of Ejear editing certificate is displayed below.

Certificate for Ejear English Editing

A unique editing certificate number will be assigned to your editing certificate. When submitting your manuscript to a target journal, our editing certificate will help confirm that the manuscript has been thoroughly edited by professional PhD English editors at Ejear. 

Journal editors can get in touch with us to ask for a copy of the edited paper and confirm that your manuscript was edited at Ejear.

Submit your document here to obtain an unique editing certificate.


How do I use this certificate?

Submit the certificate as one of your documents during the submission process.

When can I get an English editing certificate?

The editing certificate is available to you once the editing process is finished.

What details are included in the editing certificate?

The editing certificate contains the title of your paper, a list of authors, the certificate number, and the date the certificate was issued.

Do you have a certificate sample?

Yes, click here to download an English editing Certificate.

Is the editing certificate free?

Yes, it is free of charge. In addition, you can get a certificate no matter which type of editing service you choose.

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