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Manuscript Formatting

The formatting editor of the Ejear team adjusts the format of your manuscript based on the journal requirements, including the title, body of the text, citations, reference list, and manuscript layout, to ensure that the manuscript satisfies all specifications of your target journal.

Ejear checks the digital title and legend of your manuscript for journal requirements and even adjusts numbers, tables and figures for correct positions. Ejear will also check the accuracy of your references and indicate whether any modifications are required.

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What does manuscript formatting include?

Our editors check full manuscript and adjust citations, references and layout of the document based on the journal’s style guide. All figures and tables are accurately positioned within the manuscript. Moreover, figure titles and legends are standardized according to the journal's requirements.

What if my references are in the wrong order? 

We reorder the references according to the citations in the text.

My citations use numbers (e.g. [1]), but the journal's citations use author names (e.g. Author, 2018). Will you repair this?

Yes. Manuscript formatting reorders citations and references as needed, converts citations and references to the journal's format, and, if necessary, corrects content based on information in published databases.

Can you format equations in my manuscript?

No, we cannot format equations.

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